Saturday, May 9, 2015

Top Spot Seafood Center, Taman Kereta, Kuching

If you're looking for cheap and halal seafood in Kuching City, I'd recommend this place for its reasonable price, dish variety, good customer service, and the yum-factor. Plus, the overall place is built to create an open-air ambiance so it won't feel so crowded even when it is, most of the time. And not forgetting the 1Malaysia vibes where locals from all walks of life and racial background sit side by side like families.

Locals normally dine here for the above reasons, and usually recommend this place for out-of-towners or tourists. When I have guests coming from West Malaysia or overseas, this is a favorite place to bring them as its also located at the golden triangle.

When dining here, make sure you order the food from the stall whose tables you sit at. Just to be clear, perhaps just wait till the owner/staffs sit you and take your order. They have printed menus, but if you prefer, you can also pick and choose your own fresh seafood from the seafood counter with the assistance of the staff.

There are a few stalls at Top Spot, but the one I'm more familiar with is No.33, Ling Loong Seafood, located at the further end.
NO. 33 stall...

One of my favorite local seafood is this authentic Ambal (Bamboo shell), best cooked in curry. Ambal is a shelled seafood in the same category as cockles and mussels. When it's Ambal collecting season, you can be sure they have really fat and succulent pieces. It's an acquired taste, so some may not like it or be turned off by its look.
Ambal curry

Another local favorite is Midin or edible wild fern, cooked in Belacan (prawn paste). Midin is widely found in Sarawak either grown wild or cultivated (although cultivating it would probably be a challenge as they best grow naturally and unattended). Be sure to order this Midin Belacan for a taste of Sarawak's best. If you don't like prawn paste, as for Midin garlic or Midin wine.
Midin Belacan...

Ah, the famous Oyster Omelette or Oyster Pancake, or also sometimes referred to as the 'Astro Dish' for its satellite dish shape.
Oyster omelette...

My favorite meal... Nestum prawn! This dish is dry and it taste a bit like buttered prawn except its coated in Nestum cereal.
Nestum prawn...

And steamed Siakap (Barramundi or Asian seabass) cooked in Chinese style. The sauce is just sweet and salty enough but not overpowering.
Steamed Siakap Chinese style...

For added variety, the Japanese tofu is a good option to balance the whole meal. Order a small portion as its best when shared.

And finally, sea cucumber soup. The chilli is added in by yours truly for oomph! factor. Careful you don't burn your tongue.
Sea Cucumber Soup...

TopSpot is opened for lunch (some stalls only) and is fully in operation in the evening. It's always crowded here so be sure to either make a reservation or come early like 6pm. You will always find a a free table (they will clear one really fast or set up a new one - that's how efficient they are) although not necessarily at your favorite stall.
Crowded all the time...

With the recent renovation and the construction of the Urban Transformation Center (UTC) just right next door, going here is fairly easy as it is already a landmark on its own. Parking is now more systematic and safer too.

For the above meal for a group of 10, damage done was RM218, inclusive of white rice and fruit platter for desserts but exclusive of beverages.

Location: A 3-min walking distance from Pullman Hotel; opposite Inland Revenue Board building. Or simply find the giant 1Malaysia logo.

Bon apetit!

My Rating: 4/5


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    1. Small Kucing, just started. Lol. :) yes please do come here.