Thursday, April 23, 2015

Pandan Thai Delight, Kuching

It's often tricky to find a local diner which can live up to standards, especially when you've tasted the best. So whenever I crave some good ol' tom yam soup (the kind you can only find in Thailand), the only place in Kuching that I trust won't disappoint me is Pandan Thai Delight restaurant.

I mean, sure there are other Thai restaurants in town, but this one delivers it for me where the tom yam is concerned. The tom yam soup here is made with original ingredients, exactly how I prefer it. No paste detected. It's served piping hot and sizzling, enough for 2. When ordering, please note that there are two kinds of tom yam soup available: 'in red soup' and 'in clear soup'.

Large size seafood tom yam in red soup...
The tom yam clear soup is actually too sour for my taste.
The traditional pad thai is almost as good, except perhaps the bean curd were a little but too much. But that's just me because I'm not a fan of bean curd, and thus I had to pick through my plate for the noodle by putting aside the bean curd. It's served with crushed peanuts and dried chili. 

 Traditional pad thai...

This dish was ordered by my husband... Thai style fried rice accompanied with chicken in dark sauce (they also fish, king prawn, beef or combination of all). The fried rice is really fragrant and just spicy enough.

Traditional Thai fried rice...

For dessert, we ordered deep fried soft shell crab with mango salad. Oh I simply love this one... the soft shell crab is perfectly done: crunchy on the outside but moist and soft on the inside, with the accompanying traditional Thai mango salad. There are other choices of dish like deep fried calamari, deep fried tiger prawn etc to go with this mango salad. Or you can simply opt for the mango salad itself.

Deep fried soft shell crab with Thai mango salad...

Service was brisk, although the waitress taking our orders were a little confused. I think she was new and all, but all is good.

view from the road...

Damage done, plus the drinks? RM105.00 local currency.

Graded A by Kuching South City Council and is certified as Halal.

73, Ground Floor, 
RH Plaza, Jalan Stutong, 
93250, Kuching, Sarawak
Tel: 082-459 009

My Rating: 4/5

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