Monday, June 15, 2015

Laksa Sarawak at Sin Chong Choon Cafe, Kuching

Craving for Laksa Sarawak on a relaxing weekend?

One of the places I normally go to for my Laksa Sarawak fix is Sin Chong Choon Cafe, Green Heights, Kuching. This place is always busy and crowded during the weekend and by 1pm most of the stalls will start to close for the day. 
Sin Chong Choon Cafe, right next to Green Heights Cold Storage...

I visit this cafe mainly for the Laksa Sarawak of course, and waiting for a table is worth it. (Although you can also opt to share tables with strangers if you don't mind). RM8 for a big one and RM6 for a normal size one. Go for the big, recommended, because the difference is only a shrimp or two.

Laksa Sarawak...

For extra garnishing, we always order a plate of steamed chicken from the chicken rice stall. The steamed chicken here is juicy, tender and goes really well with the Laksa. Don't have to order the rice with it because then you'd be really full.

Steamed chicken breast...

The cafe also serves various types of toasts, all looking delicious and pretty. The bread is soft and thick with crispy edges where the toaster got to it.
Peanut butter and chocolate toast...

Kaya and butter toast...

And the kampua mee here is also not bad. You can either order them plain or black (with soy sauce).
Plain kampua mee...

By the way, am a fan of coffee but the Teh C Peng here is really nice!And they have Big Size (double the glass size and double the content) and normal size (which is also an average big). The iced coffee here is sadly, not up to my standards. :-(

Anyway, Sin Chong Choon Cafe opens everyday from 630am - 1pm at least or until the food are sold out. Crowded mostly on weekend so be sure to come early.

Landmark: Green Heights Cold Storage or SideWalk Cafe.

My Rating: 4/5

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