Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Trenos Coffee, Jalan Keretapi, Kuching...

Another Coffee Place in town, Trenos Coffee is swiftly getting popular among coffee lovers. I've been meaning to visit this cafe for awhile now and one fine day just decided to drop by after the initial two planned dinner venues were closed for business. Fell in love instantly after the first sip of coffee, a chance meeting.

The place is clean, cozy and tastefully decorated and equipped. A fine place to have a family meal, and not just for coffee.
The interior...
Anyway, if you ever visit this place, you should try at least one of the coffee brew. This one is a hot latte. Pretty, almost felt bad sipping it and ruining the artwork and froth. The coffee is surprisingly the kind I like, not too sweet, not too bitter, slightly groundish and yet creamy.

Pretty hot latte...
And yes, the food! The reason I come back here actually. The variety of food in the menu is not much (it's a coffee place after all), but the quality it goes by is splendid. This grilled lamb chop for instance, is medium rare done and is a big portion for one person. I'd ask for black pepper sauce, but the peppermint sauce they serve it in is just as nice (normally I'd skip the peppermint for a thick drip of black pepper sauce... =).

Grilled lamb chop... 

And the crispy chicken strips, a nice finger food to go with the hot coffee, if you're thinking of eating light, that is.
Chicken bits...
For other menu, check out the specials of the day too. I'm planning to go back to try other coffee variety and their food. Such love for this place. =)

Location: Jalan Keretapi. Right next to McDonalds at 3rd Mile.
Note: Halal

My Rating: 4.9/5


  1. Hi Coffee Girl, how you doin'? Love this posting....but regret lamb chop is not on my food list, nor duck, ha ha.
    I drink about 5 glasses of iced coffee a day...Either Maxwell House rich blend or Nescafe rich toast.
    I have never been to Starbucks for their coffee....not keen spending $5.00 for their designer coffee, prefer my own or just any other coffee as long its cheap will do for me.

    But good for you trying out whatever as in your postings. And enjoying those delicious foods same time. By the way, next day you have that well known Sarawak laksa send me a to see it.
    You have a great week, stay easy and keep a song in your heart.