Saturday, July 18, 2015

Mitsu Tea House, Airport Road, Kuching...

Dim sum anyone?

Mitsu Tea House by far serves the best dim sum in town, for me, that is. Service is quick, which is part of its attraction. And it always has a table for me... partly due to me visiting the place at non-peak hours, another part because it's not in the center of town, and also partly due to it being non-halal.

This place serves other dishes too of the local varieties, chicken and BBQ pork rice, etc... but the only reason I drop by is for the dimsum. Because let's face it... it is hard to find non-halal dimsum in town, so why not enjoy it?

My favorite dimsum... steamed pork ribs in taro (or yam). I wish I could replicate this at home but it's not the same as having it here. =)
steamed pork ribs with taro/yam...

And then there's the fried carrot cake. I like that they mix it with that red chinese sausage and also that crunchy salted turnip (did I get that right?). And there's enough egg to complete it.
Fried carrot cake...

The steamed chicken feet here is the best I've found in town. It's tender and not dried, and not too much herb which I like, and it's complemented with nuts of the big kind... probably giant ground nuts, but it's really tasty.
Chicken feet with nuts...

This pork stripe isn't my favorite (as is the rest of the innards) but I find this one done just about right. The pepper sort of mask the musk etc and for me, it doesn't have that weird innard taste =) (not a fan of innards, except liver)...
Pork stripe in pepper and salted vege...

Yes this one... beef belly/stomach... or shall I just call it 'the towel'? The texture is not hard or too chewy, unlike some that I found elsewhere.
Beef stomach ...

And the purple sweet potato roll! Really pretty and looking appetizing. Perfect to go with a cup of hot English tea on a hot afternoon. =)
Sweet purple potatoes...

This is another one of my favorite here... beancurd skin in really nice sauce. I wonder what's in the sauce? The beancurd is crispy on the outside and really moist and flavorful on the inside.
Beancurd skin...

Grilled sweet potato... Ok you may not want to order this if you plan to pig out on the rest, because one slice of that can render you full in minutes. So maybe at the end?
Grilled sweet potato...

Steamed bun or bao... Small and very fulfilling. The skin is so fluffy I could eat just that without the filling.
Sio bao...

And yes the classic siew mai... or is that correct? I don't remember the name but it has shrimp and vege in it and it's a tiny pack of goodness.
Siew mai...
I don't know what this was either, but I remember that it was superb. All vege inside, and the skin is so transparent you just want to keep staring at it...
What mai...? forgot...

There you have it! My favorite dim sum place. Price wice? Reasonable but who cares.

Location: At Airport Road. RH Plaza area - Opposite Four Points Hotel. Mitsu Tea House is right next to Marie France Bodyline. :D

My Rating: 5/5


  1. Long time did not go there. Yikes! They even have innards in dim sum? No thank you. Hehe.

    1. I usually come here with my nieces and nephew who are also crazy about their dimsums. Yes got innards too... LOL

  2. dim sum. uiks never saw got pork tripe dim sum before. wanna try la.

    1. Come la try, really nice i tell you =)

  3. Hi Coffee Girl, how you doin'? Its me Lee from Canada.
    I sure love this posting of yours. And all that delicious foods! Reading your this posting I guess you live to eat, not eat to live. And ya dim sum is appreciated by most everyone. What with its hundreds of varieties.
    Dim sum as I know is a gossip or nyet nyet nyet kind of lunch get together where its open season on latest local news, whatever.
    Love your pics taken. With your Iphone? Very nice.

    You have a nice day and simpan satu lagu dalam hati.

    1. Hi Uncle Lee! Not using iPhone, this is actually Xiami Mi3. Dim sum is a quick nice meal, quick yet very fulfilling. You have a nice day too! Thanks for dropping by!